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At Linamar, we say we are a diversified manufacturer whose products powers vehicle, work, motion and lives. “Power to Perform” is our company tagline. And Powering Futures is how we think about a Sustainable Future for our Environment, our People, our Suppliers and our Communities. Our unique Linamar Stepping Stool culture of Performance, Respect, Balance and Care are among some of our inherent characteristics that power our views of stewardship, equality, philanthropy and governance Learn more about how we are powering futures

CEO Message

At Linamar, we take great pride in being a diversified manufacturer. Our products power vehicles, work, motion, and lives, and our capabilities allow us to maximize each opportunity. Our thinking is shaped by a simple phrase: Powering Futures. We envision a sustainable future for our environment, people, suppliers, customers and communities Linda Hasenfratz


While an acknowledgment of ESG risk factors is important, it is not enough. Appropriate oversight at the Executive and Board level, as well as effective policies and practices, are key contributors to our ability to effectively manage a wide variety of risk factors. Our Board and each of its committees are focused on the oversight of reputational risk. Our Board’s Human Resources and Corporate Governance Committee (“HRCG Committee”) has primary oversight of the Company’s approach to ESG, which includes reviewing key ESG-related policies. Learn more about Governance

A Culture of Compliance

At Linamar, good business is based on our culture of ethical behaviour. We value integrity and transparency.

Linamar Anonymous Ethics Reporting Hotline

Through the Linamar Ethicspoint (1-888-294 5496 or, employees and external stakeholders can raise anonymous and confidential questions or file complaints related to accounting, internal controls or ethical issues.