Thermal Studies

Deep Thermal Shock

McLaren Performance Technologies has 4 cells with the capability of using a coolant chiller capable of reducing coolant temperatures to -30F (-34C) with a flow rate of 209 GPM. The chiller operates in a separate room from the test cells and transfers the chilled coolant to the shell and tube heat exchanger(s) located in the test cell. The shell and tube heat exchangers can then chill the coolant or oil that is cycling through the engine or test article.

Thermal Survey

A full thermal map of a given test article begins in McLaren’s machine shop. There, technicians machine access points to allow precision measurement of metal temperatures utilizing K-Type thermocouples. This typically involves hundreds of locations for measurement which provides a true temperature gradient of the test article. The probes are then individually routed through the test article and prepared for dynamic testing utilizing one of McLaren’s chiller-equipped cells.