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Frank Hasenfratz
Frank Joseph Hasenfratz of Guelph Ontario, passed away on Saturday January 8th, 2022, surrounded by his beloved family, at nearly 87 years of age. Frank was the much-loved husband of the late Margaret Hasenfratz, adored partner of Monika Szpejda, treasured father of Linda (Ed Newton) and Nancy (Mark Stoddart) and cherished grandfather of Katie, Emily, Tommy and Olivia Newton.

Born in Hungary in 1935, Frank arrived in Canada in 1957 a penniless refugee and was welcomed into his adoptive country with open arms, a practice he tirelessly advocated our governments to continue to do. He arrived without means but with something more important, a skill. As a certified machinist, Frank built a career and ultimately a company, Linamar Corporation, that today employs 26,000 people around the world, including 11,000 right here in Canada, many of whom are new immigrants to this country just as he was. His unparalleled work ethic, piercing intelligence and great sense of humour were the recipe for a life filled with a loving family, many loyal friends and a strong and successful business. Frank lived every moment of his life, treasuring his time with his family and his business both. Frank is remembered as determined, results oriented and focused but even more so as a kind and caring man who always showed genuine interest and concern in the lives of his people, family, friends and associates.

He was a generous philanthropist supporting many cultural, health care and educational institutions. He was a giant among us; a family man, a mentor, a leader. He will be immeasurably missed by his family, the employees of Linamar, his community, his country and his industry.

The family would like to thank Dr. David Hood of Guelph & Dr. Frances Shepherd of Princess Margaret Hospital for their care of Frank during this illness. We would also like to thank Dr. Jack Misterski and Dr. Doug Friars for years of support for Frank and the entire family.

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    Thomas Szeifert
    My condolences to the family. Like Sandy Sears, I found the name because of the interesting name which I remember from childhood, when I help my grandma from Pilisvörösvár to write postcard to the Hasenfratz family in Kanada. Probably there were many families Hasenfratz in Hungary, ... very best regards
    John Ward
    I met Frank 1984 while i was working over time on a Saturday on a emergency lot of GM water pumps that had to be ready that Monday morning. i couldn't work a loan so i had a friend come in and watch so i could get the parts out and was showing my friend how to run the machine because he wanted to get a job there, well frank seen Dan my Friend and asked him if he was wanting to work for him and told Dad to come in Monday and talk to Ernie Sovara. I always remembered how nice this man was and always wished i had stayed their over the years.
    Sandy Sears s
    I was looking into the Hasenfratz family since my pseudo grandfather was Benjamin Hasenfratz, living in Hartford, Connecticut. He was married to Nellie Hasenfratz and had a sister who went to live in Canada after fleeing from Europe. I was a child when this occurred however I am now 80, thus many years ago. Your dear father’s information appeared when looking up the name Hasenfratz. He sounds like an incredibly special man. My condolences to your family for your great loss.
    Umang Patel
    I am really sorry for the loss of Frank Joseph Hasenfratz's family and a great leader to Linamar Corporation. The example Mr. Frank had set is very motivating. May God gives him Rest In Peace. My condolences to Frank Joseph Hasenfratz's family.
    Shivam Sharma
    I've heard about him from my friends who used to work in Linamar. A guy who was humble from the very beginning to the end. Started from the scratch to this huge company, really appreciate the chance he gave to his fellow Immigrants. May his Soul Rest in Peace.
    Davies Mulenga
    My sincere condolences to the family
    James Zhang
    Thank you Frank! I once worked in one of your plants in Guelph, and I love Guelph since then. Would you please setup manufacturing in heaven, and I would join your heaven team when my time come in the future.
    John Ferth, like him,- a pennyless refugee
    Blessed with talent, He realized the possibilities in his life. A role model for us all. May God rest his soul.
    David Wilfrid Peters
    I am very sorry for your loss. I send my condolences to Linda, Nancy and their families. I very much enjoyed the conversations that I had with Frank at the Linamar shareholder meetings. I understand what you are experiencing since my father died 5 years ago (also at the age of 86).
    Elmer Meszaros
    The Cleveland Hungarian Museum salutes a fellow immigrant. This exceptional man rose from humble beginnings to make vast contributions to his new country. We celebrate Frank Hasenfratz and are inspired by his example.
    Daryl Frankowski
    So very sorry for you loss. I had the privilege of meeting Mr. Hasenfratz several times during my years working with Linamar. Our deepest sympathies. Oerlikon Balzers
    Ferenc Radnóti
    I read the news in shock, informing me of Mr. Hasenfratz's death. I got to know his story before the holidays, and I was delighted to have had such a beautiful career as a Hungarian. My grandmother was also Hasenfratz, that was the reason I got to know Mr. Hasenfratz’s life. While searching for the ancestors of my family, I learned that every Hasenfratz who lived in the villages around Budapest was related to each other, and that’s why I was happy to read about it. Please accept my deepest sympathies to the family. Isten nyugosztalja!
    David Mudaliar
    My fondest memory of Mr.Hasenfratz is every morning when he came into the machine shop he would walk upto me with the smile,and ask me if everything is ok. Worked for him 1972-1976 before moving to Vancouver. Will always remember him and Linamar machine being my first job in Canada and trained as a machinist. God Bless his soul . RIP
    Karl Kristof
    The world lost a great man in Frank Hasenfratz! Our sincere condoleances go out to Linda and all family members and relatives! May he rest in peace!
    Gabriel Erem
    I am deeply saddened by the passing of Frank. We met many years ago through a mutual Hungarian-born friend. Whenever we were together Frank always enjoyed my stories and my jokes from our mutual homeland Hungary. His humility and sense of humor made our friendship very special. We lost a great Humanitarian, an exemplary family man and a great Hungarian-Canadian. My sincere condolences to the Family! Rest in peace dear Frank!
    Scott McVittie
    Nancy ,Linda and family. Im so sorry hear this. both your parents were so full of life. The memories of families and Talisman seem so long ago yet so familiar. Your father was a fun and humble man. My best to you all. Scott M
    Maryann Hopkins
    My sincerest condolences. I remember meeting Linda and Mr. Hasenfratz on my first day at Corporate in April 1998. I was made to feel very welcome. Every time I saw Mr. Hasenfratz, I would say’hello’ and he would reply ‘hello dear.’ Linda spoke so lovingly about her dad at the funeral, many of the same things I would say about my dad. May your memories bring you comfort at this difficult time.
    Fred Brunnmeier
    My deepest condolences to the Hasenfratz family. It is with great sadness that I hear of Frank's passing. I had the great fortune to work for Frank as one of his employees for many years. I learned to know Frank not only as a great leader and guiding support in my job but also as my personal friend, that was there for me with advise and cheering up hen I needed it. Thank you, Frank. you will always be in my heart and thoughts. Servus my friend.
    Jennifer A. MacFarlane
    My sincere condelences to the Hasenfratz Families and the Linamar Team. Mr. Hasenfratz influeneced so many people over the years. Mr. Hasenfratz's honourable legacy will always offer inspiration and continue to influence all as a great business leader. I hope that good reminders surround you of how Mr. Hasenfratz enriched the lives of all who have had the privilege to meet him. May those reminders soon bring you comfort and relief of sorrow. With Sympathy, Jennifer A. MacFarlane
    Bill Green
    WOW!! We watched the incredibly wonderful memorial service yesterday in honour of Frank--a life very well lived. Linda you did an absolutely incredible job for your father's euology. Your equally incredible 4 children also did a very admirable job honouring their grandfather. Such a pleasure to watch. Our most sincere condolences to all the Hasenfratz family at such a sad time in all of your lives. Lynn & Bill Green
    Rakesh Rajagopal
    Our Deepest Condolences to Frank's Family. He is one of the most inspirational person I've met. He always cared, gave life and positive energy to every thought and action. He will and forever be my "lightbulb". We miss you so much. Om Sadgati, Om Shanthi. Our thoughts and prayers are with you all during this difficult time
    Hélène de Maistre
    From France, with everlasting gratitude. Jules Fauque and Hélène de Maistre
    Dwayne Murray
    My deepest sympathies to the Hasenfratz families. It was such a moving and inspirational service honouring a great business leader and an even better family man
    Ross Davidson-Pilon
    The Day I Met Frank Hasenfratz… It was 1982 and I had just opened my first photography studio in a dark basement at the end of a long hall in an old building in downtown Guelph. My location was of little consequence I was primarily shooting corporate work for high tech industry in Kitchener and Cambridge and doing a lot of location assignments. It was a slow day in the middle of a slow week when I got a phone call from a local camera store that they had a customer who needed a small head shot for a Hungarian document and could I help him out. A few minutes later a well-dressed man appeared at my door and gave me the dimensions of the images required with the emphasis that he needed the photos "right away" which proved to be a consistent theme with Frank . I explained I really didn’t do this kind of work and I didn’t even own a passport camera but we could try to shoot a proportionally- sized image with a very large and awkward commercial camera using sheets of instant polaroid film. After about an hour of lighting, composing, processing and trimming ( including critiques on how I made his face look fat ) we finally had a couple of finished prints. He asked how much he owed and I replied “it’s free” and the next time he needed a product photo to give me a call. I was new to Guelph and had very little knowledge of the Linamar Corporation or for that matter the name Hasenfratz . What followed over the next twenty plus years was a wonderful and rich experience recording the corporate events of a growing industrial giant and especially sharing the personal celebrations of a loving family … Frank was brilliant at recognizing talent and encouraging perfection from everyone he employed. He also never forgot a favour . I have shared this story with generations of Highschool Coop placements and now as a teacher at Ryerson University with all of my semestered photography students. "When in business and in life the things you give away are often far more valuable than the things you take in". What impressed me the most about Frank was his love and dedication to the people closest to him. I had the pleasure of witnessing the growth and development of a loving family. From weddings to annual portraits with the grand kids, I shared some of the most cherished events in Frank and Margret's life…they were a great team. I consider it a privilege and an honour to have met such a wonderful and talented man who has passed on his drive, dedication and especially his family values to everyone who had the pleasure to meet him. Sincerely Ross Davidson-Pilon
    Marie José Bascou
    Dear Yaga, I am terribly sorry for you and Frank'daughters and grand-children. Please accept my condoleances with deep affection
    Curtis Grant
    My deepest condolences to the family. Mr. Hasenfratz had a big impact on my life. I am so grateful to have known him and appreciate all the great opportunities he provided for us through Linamar. He was giant among us.
    allan davison
    Mr.H, you taught me so much and you always inspired me to do better. Everything I have in life in the past 34 years is because of Linamar, which is you. God bless you and my sincere condolences to your Family.
    Harald Milly
    Thank you Frank for providing me with a job when I really needed one - not once, but twice. I'll always be grateful. I grew a lot as a person while working for Linamar. You were truly a great man.
    fred murrell
    Dear Linda and Ed, our thoughts and prayers are with you and the family in this time of sadness as you celebrate Franks great life and achievements. liza and fred
    Istvan T.
    My deepest condolences to the Hasenfratz Family. We received so much from Mr. H… great mentor and an even greater, inspiring person with a brilliant sense of humour. Rest in peace Mr. H.
    Khalidah Bello
    For the Newton, and Hasenfratz family, may you find comfort, respite, support and strength with one another and with the community that loves you dearly during this difficult time. Mr. Hasenfratz, Rest in power. Your legacy lives with your family, and I see this with Linda whom I have come to know. Conversations with Linda frequently reflected lessons from Mr. Hasenfratz. My Nigerian heritage emphasizes the importance of the character of parents reflected through their children. Though I wasn't fortunate to meet Mr. Hasenfratz, I have met his wisdom, intelligence, as well as values of humility, compassion, selfless giving, exceptional kindness and community service through Linda's actions. I have strived to emulate principles Mr. Hasenfratz modeled through the sharing and embodiment of those principles by Linda. This one small example of the ripple effect of Mr. Hasenfratz's influence describes the exponential impact he has on the lives of people he has met and powerfully, the tens of thousands of those he hasn't met. He has given us the gift of a phenomenally vibrant legacy of social impact that will impact generations now and into the future. How fortunate we are for the time he shared with us and these blessings he leaves behind.
    Dr. David F. Dennis
    Frank was a fellow Kiwanian and an esteemed past president of the Royal City Kiwanis Club. His leadership and friendliness will be greatly missed but never forgotten.
    Clarissa Dabu
    My and my family's sincere and heartfelt condolences for the passing Mr. Frank Hasenfratz, beloved work patriarch. As an immigrant myself, my personal deep and great thanks for his legacy of ingenuity, entrepreneurship, professionalism and passion for life and commerce, sharing his God-given talents and resources to countless people worldwide, providing various opportunities of employment, livelihood, growth and advancement. At this difficult time, may you find comfort, peace and strength in the Love and Presence of the Lord and every caring word of family and friends. With deepest sympathy, thoughts and prayers.
    David and Linda Copp
    We will never forget Frank's kindness in mentoring our son Leigh, when he was about to leave school, during a teacher's strike, to take up a trade as an electrician. His wise advice encouraged Leigh to stay in school and follow his dreams to become an Electrical Engineer. Our deepest sympathy.
    Pat Williams
    My sincere sympathy to Nancy, Linda, Ed and Mark and the children (now adults)
    Sante & Linda Gobbi & family
    Caring thoughts are with you in this time of sorrow. May the happiness you all shared be warmly remembered and may those memories help to ease the pain of your loss. He was a GREAT man. With our deepest sympathies.
    Joe Peter
    A Great fellow, Hungarian.
    Karl Yoo
    I hope that our Lord brings your family the much-needed peace during this sad time. My condolences to your family.
    Mauricio Loustaunau and Family
    Our deepest condolences to the Hasenfratz Family. Frank will be missed by everyone who knew him may you rest in peace my friend.
    Tram Tran
    Rest In Peace Mr. Frank .Deepest condolence to Frank's Family and sorry for your lost .Mr. Frank was a great man who always care for others and always there for us during of business in good and bad time .WE are all going to miss you .. so much
    constantin ghigeanu
    Rest in Peace My Friend...
    Ruud de Reijke
    Our deepest condolences to the family, friends and community. I was blessed with the opportunity to work for this great company, founded by Mr. Hasenfratz when coming to this country. Something I am eternally will be greatful for, such a great human being, who will be greatly missed.
    David and Fatma Brewis
    Please accept our deepest condolences for a man who influenced and cared for so many. May God Bless Mr. Hasenfratz and his family.
    Catherine Ouellette
    Heartfelt condolences to Frank’s family and those whose lives he touched. Clearly he contributed to making the world a better place.
    Teresa Pellizzari
    Deepest condolences to Frank's family, and all who loved him. He was such an important part of our community, providing opportunities to thousands. His legacy will live on through his family, and all those whose lives he touched. May he rest in peace.
    Farkas Pál
    Őszinte részvétem
    Wayne Harvey
    A giant who made everyone around him feel giant. Quickest within my experience. RIP.
    Jean-Bernard CHEVALIER.
    Please accept my deepest condolences.
    Paulo Pereira
    Our hearts are broken with the news of our mentor/founder Mr "Uncle" Frank, please accept our deepest condolences to the whole Hasenfratz family.
    Anne Arrell
    Such a successful, personable but humble man!! He will be greatly missed but his achievements will be a testament to him going forward!
    Hazel Brand
    We are so sorry to hear of Franks passing. He was a big part of so many people's lives and truly a gift to the automotive industry and the community. A larger-than-life man who will truly be missed, but never forgotten. My favorite quote is, “If you’re going to live, leave a Legacy. Make a mark on the world that cannot be erased.” That is exactly what Frank has done. Our thoughts and prayers are with you all during this difficult time.
    William Valedis
    Please accept our sincere condolences.
    Andrew Summerton
    Our deepest sympathies for the loss of a man that will live on forever through his family and the incredible business legacy that has touched so many over the years and will continue for many, many years to come.