Diversification is one of our strategies for success.

We envision a future where we continue to be competitive and diversify into six strategic markets. It is a 100-year plan geared to a changing world with a vision for continued, long-term sustainable growth. This is a vision meant to drive a positive impact for all the Linamar stakeholders.



Linamar has a strong history of providing efficient mobility solutions; precision manufactured metallic components and systems including machining, light metal casting, forging, and assembly to the automotive and commercial transportation industries. Driving more fuel-efficient solutions has been the primary driving force from a design and development perspective for the last decade. We are steadily growing our revenue in electrified vehicles; in 2020 sales to electrified vehicles grew 55% despite our overall light vehicle sales declining by 16%! As a percent of our sales, programs for electrified vehicles doubled in that one year to more than 6% and we expect them to hit 50% of our light vehicle revenue by the end of the decade. New business wins have steadily been shifting toward electrified vehicles as evidence of that transition. In 2020 they represented nearly 1/3 of new business secured. We are laying the foundation to be a top competitor providing products and solutions for the electric vehicle markets, powering the future of electrified mobility.

The Mobility segment is focused on propulsion systems, structural and chassis systems, energy storage and power generation for both the global electrified and traditionally powered vehicle markets, and is subdivided into three regional groups and one global product group: North America, Europe, Asia Pacific and the newly formed Structures Group. The Regional Mobility groups are vertically integrated operations combining expertise in light metal casting, forging, machining and assembly. 

The Linamar Structures Group offers competitive lightweight innovations for safety-critical components and systems for the global mobility market. In addition, the eLIN Product  Solutions Group focuses on Electrification and McLaren Engineering provides design, development, and testing services for the Mobility segment.


MacDon is the world leader in technology, innovation, and manufacturing of high-performance harvesting equipment.

Salford is a global leader in the manufacturing of tillage and precision application equipment.

Bourgault is an industry-leading short-line agricultural equipment manufacturer specializing in seeding systems such as air seeders and air carts.


Skyjack manufactures scissor lift, boom and telehandler lifts for the aerial work platform industry. 

Quality and reliability are the hallmarks that have given Skyjack scissor lifts a solid reputation as the best and one in three scissor lifts sold worldwide is a Skyjack.

Simple and Reliable.


Linamar MedTech leverages Linamar’s manufacturing expertise and capabilities in precision manufacturing to provide high-quality, cost-effective solutions for Medical Devices and Precision Medical Components.

Our leading-edge technology and deep manufacturing expertise make Linamar MedTech the ideal partner to manufacture and assemble your complex medical devices and components.

Manufacturing Partnerships

Assembly and Component Production