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Energy Conservation

Energy conservation has long been a critical objective at Linamar not only due to the fact that energy is a critical cost input but also because all our operations teams’ have a desire to maximize energy efficiency and minimize their ecological footprint overall. There are several key elements all our facilities have focused on:

  • Installation of LED energy efficient lighting in all of our global facilities
  • Occupancy sensing light switches in infrequent traffic areas or rooms
  • Light harvesting skylights that enable lights to dim as natural sunlight reduces electric light needs
  • Air compressor systems leak detection protocols, including use of ultrasonic leak tests, variable speed drive air compressor technology, etc.
  • Variable speed drives for ventilation fans and exhaust fans ensures more efficient energy usage for air circulation
  • Machine auto-shutoff timers on assembly line and machining chips conveyors
  • SCADA energy monitoring system to monitor main plant energy consumption, data collection, power consumption, power factor, ensures measuring ability to be able to improve real-time data availability for measurement and adjustment
  • Rooftop rainwater capture systems
  • In-house waste water (gray) oil separation and recovery
  • 100% of our coolant gets recycled