28Sep 2017

Linamar Scholarships for Women in Engineering and Business at University of Western Announced

Women seeking to combine engineering and business degrees will receive a major boost at Western, thanks to a $5-million gift from Linamar Corporation and the families that grew it from a one-lathe machine shop into a multi-billion-dollar global enterprise. Linamar, its CEO Linda Hasenfratz and her husband Ed Newton, and Linamar founder Frank Hasenfratz have invested $5 million to create the Linamar Scholarships for Women in Engineering and Business. The continuing scholarships support up to 10 female students in the Western Engineering and Ivey Business School dual-degree program each year, providing half the cost of tuition and, in a unique feature, a guaranteed co-op placement and full-time job offer to graduating scholarship-holders. The gift, announced Wednesday afternoon, enables Western to support its best female students to succeed in school today, and provides them with early-career experience that will help them go on to be the engineering and business leaders of tomorrow. Learn more details about the announcement and scholarship here.