Our extensive manufacturing capabilities enable us to produce precision metallic powertrain systems, advanced aerial work platforms and durable industrial & agricultural assemblies.

Linamar global operations are divided into regional groups with vertically integrated operations combining expertise in light metal casting, forging, machining and assembly, metal forming for both the global electrified and traditionally powered vehicle markets.

Linamar has a diverse range of capabilities that are continually evolving to better meet the needs of a global market.

Machining & Assembly

  • Advanced Automation & Robotics
  • CNC Expertise
  • Complex Assemblies
  • Hydroforming
  • Heat Treatment

Metal Forming

  • Robotic Welding
  • Laser cutting
  • Metal Forming
  • Stamping
  • Painting
  • Assembly


  • Hatebur High Speed Hot Horizontal Forging
  • Conventional Vertical Forging
  • Cold Forming
  • Ring Rolling
  • Radial Forging

Light Metal Casting

  • Gravity & Low Pressure Aluminum Die Casting
  • High Pressure Aluminum & Magnesium Die Casting


Diversification is one of our strategies for success.

We envision a future where we continue to be competitive and diversify into six strategic markets. It is a 100-year plan geared to a changing world with a vision for continued, long-term sustainable growth. This is a vision meant to drive a positive impact for all the Linamar stakeholders.



Linamar has a strong history of providing efficient mobility solutions; precision manufactured metallic components and systems including machining, light metal casting, forging, and assembly to the automotive and commercial transportation industries. Driving more fuel-efficient solutions has been the primary driving force from a design and development perspective for the last decade. We are steadily growing our revenue in electrified vehicles; in 2020 sales to electrified vehicles grew 55% despite our overall light vehicle sales declining by 16%! As a percent of our sales, programs for electrified vehicles doubled in that one year to more than 6% and we expect them to hit 50% of our light vehicle revenue by the end of the decade. New business wins have steadily been shifting toward electrified vehicles as evidence of that transition. In 2020 they represented nearly 1/3 of new business secured. We are laying the foundation to be a top competitor providing products and solutions for the electric vehicle markets, powering the future of electrified mobility.
McLaren Engineering

McLaren Engineering is Linamar’s leading-edge technology and product development team for our mobility segment.

The foundation for Linamar’s technical advancements is rooted in the expertise of McLaren Engineering. Purchased by Linamar in 2003, McLaren provides design, development, integration, manufacturing, and testing capabilities that provide our customers a world-class, full-service supplier partner that develops complete vehicle powertrain & driveline systems for both the global electrified and traditionally powered vehicles.


The Linamar Product Development System is a disciplined approach to the product development cycle as outlined by the Linamar GOS (Global Operating System) Playbook.

The step-by-step process begins with design creation through the use of advanced industry CAD and CAE software packages, followed by Design Validation (DV) and Production Validation (PV) level testing of physical parts in our own development facilities and lastly, the release of the approved production design into the Linamar manufacturing environment.

Linamar and McLaren collaborate during this process to ensure seamless integration from initial concept through to program end-of-life.

Mustang 5-Axis Cylinder Head Machining

Opti-design for Dodge Viper Cylinder heads

Linamar Unveils the Hybrid Power Unit

Gearing up for the Future

Research & Development
Linamar’s Research & Development activities will continue in product areas that will enhance value for its customers and meet future market needs. The R&D focus is on achieving product solutions that will benefit customers on critical fuel economy, emissions as well as cost and quality needs.
Materials X2


Alternative materials, chemistry structures, geometries or coatings that achieve lighter weight or offer more durable designs.

Active Driveline X2


Driveline systems that engage or disengage so they are used only when necessary driving conditions demand, improving fuel consumption and minimizing parasitic losses.

e-drive x2


Known as the Driveline to the power of ‘E’ initiative, Linamar is researching and developing powertrain solutions that will integrate and aid new technologies in Vehicle Electrification.

Manufacturing X2


New equipment, systems or processes that improve quality and drive out manufacturing costs in order to stay competitive and continue to be a leading source of powertrain system solutions for OEM customers.



The “Fast Lane,” a high-volume prototype assembly line, can build over 3,000 units annually. Designed for maximum flexibility with a combination of manual and automated operations, the “Fast Lane” can produce different eAxle models simultaneously. This system also provides an EOL test dyno, RFID quality tracking, and the ability to use process development for a smooth transition to any production line globally.

Rapid Prototyping

Specialty Fabrication and Low Volume Builds



McLaren Performance utilizes some of the world’s most advanced Driveline System Testing equipment. The scope of testing capabilities includes NVH/TE, Durability, Environmental and Electric Hybrid Powertrain. Our global capabilities include two dynos in North America, Europe, and Asia Pacific to maximize efficiency in testing electrified and conventional driveline components.

Driveline TE Cell

Driveline NVH Cell

Rotary Actuator Cell



Comprehensive engine testing services are provided through 16 available engine dynamometer test cells.

Engine Testing Services Matrix

Transient Engine Development Cell

Ancillary Capabilities

Thermal Studies

Impact Testing


eLIN focuses on developing electrified product solutions for all business lines, developing electrification strategies in four key areas: Power Generation, Power Storage, Propulsion Systems, and Structural & Chassis offerings for electrified vehicles.

eLIN unified product solutions are driving advancements in electrification, leveraging Linamar’s capabilities, providing innovative solutions to our customers.

Power Generation
Power Storage
Propulsion Systems
Structural & Chassis

Linamar Global Locations


Linamar’s Diversified Businesses Deliver Another Quarter of Outstanding Double-Digit Earnings Growth

May 8, 2024

Linamar Delivers a Stellar 2023 with Record Sales, over 40% Earnings Growth, Increases Dividend

March 6, 2024

Linamar Completes Acquisition of Bourgault Industries Ltd., Solidifying its Position as a Leading Agriculture Shortline Equipment Manufacturer

February 1, 2024


Together, we are Powering Futures.