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Where can I order parts or find more information on my Solaris or Eutopia lawn mower?

For those looking to order parts or have questions regarding their Solaris or Eutopia lawn mower, please contact Linamar Consumer Products Support at

I'm looking for parts, service, or information on LX or ZX engines.

If you are in search of parts or looking for someone to service your LX or ZX engine or if you are simply requesting more information, please contact your local Cummins dealer.

I have an inquiry regarding Stirling or Marathon Trailers.

For those seeking service, parts and warranty support on your Stirling or Marathon Trailer, please be advised this business unit is now owned by Westbrook Systems.  You can contact them at



Linamar's 50th Anniversary!

Linamar is turning 50 this year! We've achieved so much over the past 50 years all beginning with a small one-man machine shop in our founder Frank Hasenfratz's basement. It is for this reason that we feel we should do something to celebrate every month leading up to our 50th birthday.

I'm looking for a charitable donation or sponsorship from Linamar, who can I contact?

If you are contacting Linamar for a charitable donation, please understand you must submit your request in writing to .