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Linamar provides an excellent platform for employees to advance their career.  In just over 47 years, Linamar has grown from a small machining operation to a leading global manufacturing powerhouse.  From the entrepreneurial seeds planted by the dynamic founder and current Chairman, Mr. Frank Hasenfratz, Linamar has evolved into a $3.6 Billion company with 50 manufacturing facilities located across the globe.  Growth has been tremendous and as Linamar's strong and streamlined corporate structure enables continued success and performance at unsurpassed levels.

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Employee recognition programs reward those who contribute to the achievement of Linamar's goals.

The "Power to Perform" Award annually honours employees who show initiative, embrace Linamar's entrepreneurial spirit and share best practices.  

The "Skunkworks" Program allows employees to submit ideas for a new product that Linamar could take to the marketplace.  The selected employee leaves their current role to lead the business development team that takes the new concept to the market.


Linamar is a truly global corporation and the composition of our workforce reflects the scope of that business operation.  Our Canadian operations are rich with diversity.  Linamar has a long history of embracing diversity in the workplace dating back to the early days of the company.  Our Chairman has always had a philosophy that reward and recognition are based on the employee's skills, abilities and accomplishments, nothing more.


In the first few years of the life of a Moso Bamboo tree the only growth seen is that of its underground root system.  Once a solid foundation is formed, the tree then grows rapidly at several feet per day.  This analogy is representative of our employee's career development.

The Grow With Us Series Includes:                        
Technical & Trades Apprenticeships                    
Linamar Entrepreneurial Advancement Program (LEAP)
Succession Management Planning (SMP)                    
Linamar Leadership Development Program (LLDP 1 & 2)         


Linamar believes the best future leaders of the company come from within the company.  With that concept in mind, Linamar has created an internal goal that 70% of all new positions or current openings must be filled from within its current employee base.  This means increased opportunities for professional advancement and promotion for those employees who choose to build their career at Linamar.